JDBC Adapter ART1174002 error ORA00942 table or view does not exist oraclejdbcttc7Oall7receiveO ...

I have found the problem and there a solution available so I want to post this info.
Basically the problem as suspected in synchronization and JDBC adapter in heavy load is using incorrect SCHEMA name to execute SQL so Oracle returns this error that is correct. WM Development has fixed this problem now with FIX#33 that requires IS SP1 to be loaded.
However, this error was a bit ironeous becase in my tests logg entries indicated that when this error occured right after that aparently different thread executed same SQL statement with success for end result Databse data still has integrity. but I would recomend to get a fix in any case. Just be aware to request the latest version of this fix 33! The first one that was presented to me did not work, second release fixed the problem.

Has anyone used synonyms for use with JDBC adapters on Oracle 8i? Is this supported? We are on webMethods 6.0.1. When configuring the flow service we cannot see the fields but can see the table itself. We are trying to direct inserts to buffer tables. We don’t want to hard code the sql statement with the schema each time we promote to a new environment.

Hi Andrea,
If you want to avoid hardcoding the schema name in your sql, you need to add a property in the startup properties file. Then you can build the sql using this property and input to the DynamicSQL Adapter Service. As the code gets migrated into different environments with different schema name, you need to modify the properties file to reflect this change.
The oracle synonyms is tied to a table or view within an schema but since, in your case, schema name can change for the same table when you access it from the different environment, this will not help.

Hi Andrea,

JDBC Adapter retrospects the Table metadata to fetch its attributes.Retrospecting a schema is not supported by JDBC. You can’t fetch the attributes of an schema.Its not a JDBC Adapter limitation but a limitation of JDBC Driver.