Difficulties with JDBC

Hi all,

I’m trying to run an execSQL with a join between two tables, but each one of them is under a different schema. If I don’t refer to the owner (ex.: select * from user.table) it returns an error message: table or view does not exist, and if I refer to the owner I got no data.
Do I need to refer to the owner into the WHERE clause?
Does anyone face this problem before?

IS 4.6 + JDBC Oracle Adapter + Oracle


Hi Renato,

In your SQL query jst give like this Schema.tablename
Now it should work.

Hi Lavanya,
Thanks for your answer!
I got the solution to this issue already, but now I’m facing another problem with JDBC and may be you can help with this one.
IS 4.6 + Oracle + JDBC
I’m trying to run a select statement against a view and it always returns a “ORA-01722 Invalid number” error message and when I launch the same statement against a table with the same structure it just works!
The view/table has a varchar field whose content is a conversion rate.

Any idea?