Seeking help JDBC Adapter 46 for DB2 problems Could not get list of tables from DB2 to configu ...

We have the following situation here:

The DB2 V7.1 database is hosted on OS/390 Mainframe Server.

The JDBC V4.6 adapter is running on Solaris V5.7 box. Its connecting to DB2 database using DB2 UDB drivers as recommended by webMethods. We are using JDBC APP drivers ( distributed by DB2.

The adapter on Solaris shows a valid sign indicating that it has made successfull connection. But when you try to configure the SELECT or Basic Notification, it doesn’t get the table list which is very fundamental.

Using the same userid which is being used in adapter configuration we are able to fetch the data from the tables using DB2 Command Center. So its not a privilege issue from the database side.

This is much more interesting. We have a JDBC DB2 Adapter configured on an NT box using the same userid and this adapter fetches all the tables from the same database.

I ran into the same problem with oracle. In my case it turned out to be a problem with the jdbc driver not supporting a getColumn() operation. This prevented loading the column names during the configuration of the operation. However, this only happended if I had specified <current>.<current> when selecting the table in the table tab. If I changed <current> to the actual schema name, then I could click on the refresh button of the column table and thereby make the columns available.

From EI I could then export the configured operation to an adl file and in that adl file replace the schema name with <current>. I can then reimport the modified adl file into the broker to avoid having a hard coded value when deploying to different environments.

I have the same issue in WM6.0.1. Does your work around fine ?