JDBC Adapter - MS SQL Server - Synonyms

JDBC Adapter against MS SQL server does not list synonyms when creating JDBC services or notifications.

Is this a limitation in the MS SQL driver, I seem to remember this working for me earlier though that was an Oracle DB.

We have a scenario where tablenames changes between environments. It’s a tool that replicates data from one db/table to another. It sufixes the original name with the source along the way. Until they can fix this we thought perhaps synonyms could solve the problem.

e.g. hostname.schema.personTblFromTest
e.g. hostname.schema.personTblFromProd

Synonym in each database would be person and point to the correct table. The adapter would then reference person isntead of personTblFromX.

Thor I.

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Mssql jdbc driver doesn’t return the synonyms, but Oracle does.
This can be verified by writing a simple code snippet outside the webMethods.

We created a view which will have a static name and someone can maintain the “link” to the correct tablename when it changes.