java loader - problems with insert

If I use the Java Loader to Load data in my Tamino Database and afterwards try to query the data using the Tamino Interactive Interface I always get the message “no objects returned” althoug the space usage of the database increased.

Can anybody help me? please…

hello christoph,

are you sure, that you are in the right collection ?
if you set an empty database-path you get the result “no object returned”.


Thanks for your answer!
how can i specify a collection in the java loader command?
If I use:
I get the error message Database not found.

In the Database I have already defined the collection with the Interactive Interface…

can somebody help me further? thanks!

Although it’s a bit late for a reply:
Apparently, at least for me, the Java Loader documentation is a bit unclear with resp. to the use of root-elements vs. collections. This is how I got it working:

The root-node of the XML-Loaderfile has to be identical to the name of the collections you intend to store the data to.
The second element of this file (which in individual documents would corresponds to the root)is the doctype.

Vice-Versa: If you’d use the Interactive Interface, the root element of the individual file you want to “process” in order to load would have to be the second one of the above.

Java Load: …
Interactive: , with collection set to ArtRoot