Increasing data loading speed

I am using Tamino 4.2.1 on Linux

I have defined a collection with a schema which contains a root element, which can take in arbitrary XML content (I did this because the XSD schema for this XML format had a lot of things unsupported by Tamino). Now, after I do that, I find that if I use the Java based Tamino data loader to load XML documents in this schema, it is VERY slow, compared other cases I have encountered with XML documents of similar size.

Does having such a schema got anything to do with slow dataloading speed. How can I speed up the dataloading ?



With these few information, it is hard to investigate the problem. Would you therefore provide the schema for us, please?
You should use the new Tamino Data Loader instead of using the Java Loader, which is a deprecated feature and is not delivered with future versions any more.
Please have also a look in the documentation, section “Loading Data into Tamino”, where hints, advantages and disadvantages are listed.

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