Tamino Manager Data Loader

Question 1)
I’m am trying to load documents to a Tamino server using the Data Loader GUI from the Tamino Manager. I have loading approx 150,000 documents per input file (approx 70MB) and it is taking around 2 hours to complete the load. Is there any way to get the data to load faster?

Question 2) It appears that the tolerate rejections option on the Data Loader GUI does not work. My entire data load aborts if a document is reject - with or without the option selected. Any suggestions?


answer to question 1:
Call the inoxmld.exe utility from the Tamino BIn directory in a command window.

answer to question 2:
This was a bug, is fixed in new version 4.1.1.

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I think this is probably a dumb question (I’m new to this.) But I used the system management hub GUI to load some xml data (one file) into our Solaris 3.111 installation. I get a happy little check mark and the ‘Status’ is completed. There are no errors or warnings. Yet when I try to query the data via the Interactive interface or via an xql statement embedded in a URL, there appears to be no data there.

Is there some way for me to check whether the data is in fact loaded other than querying the data? It’s possible my query is not correct but the data is very simple and I actually suspect that it is not getting loaded correctly. But how can I check this other than querying on the data?

Thanks for any ideas,

ps. what the hell is an instant graemlin for heaven’s sak

Use the Tamino X-Plorer.