Java Loader: &,<,> are unloaded as & > <

(Tamino Linux)
I used the Java Loader to unload a whole collection, made a full text replace, and loaded it back into Tamino.
Unfortunately for me, I realised too late, that during the unloading the JavaScript code in my XML content was disabled due to the transformation of &,<,> into its HTML entities & < > ! Now all web pages with javascript produce an error in the browser!!

In either format (loadRequest, queryResult), unloading a collection and loading it again produces such changes in the content - the Java Loader does not preserve the original content!!

This is not very nice, I consider it a bug.
Is there a solution, a bug fix, or is it not an error (i’m looking forward to that explanation.)

Armin Vogt

Of course, the Javascript and thus the &,<,> are within a comment and thus represent valid XML.

The unload transforms into

(Ignore the space between & and the entity name
that is necessary to prevent it from being transformed by this discussion forum platform)


i could reproduce the behaviour you stated when using the loadRequest format.
however, when using the java loader as delivered with tamino 3.1.2, a file unloaded as query result did not show the effect.

please contact your support center, i am sure that they can provide proper assistance.

andreas f.