inojload - INOXDE7702

A new problem with the Java Mass Loader: I already had a problem with inojload version Now I have updated to version and a new problem :frowning:

Unloading of documents works. -unload -u http://localhost:50000/tamino/myDB/test

But when I want to insert these unloaded elements again I get the following message: -u http://localhost:50000/tamino/myDB/test -f queryResult.xml

API Version = 1.1
Tamino Java Loader has started.

Load Error INOXDE7702: internal error
0 elements uploaded from
XML volume = 127 bytes
Upload escaped volume 223 bytes
1 blocks

That does not seem to be specific for one schema - I have tried even extremly simple ones with only one simpleContext element.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

Hi Jesper,

the error code indicates that this is a problem within the Tamino Server, not of the JavaLoader itself. (See documentation “\Help\messages\imsg.htm”):

internal error

internal processing error occured during document validation

contact customer support

JavaLoader only forwards the error it receives from the server. Please contact support.