Load Error INOXPE8702: Invalid document prolog

I have a problem with the Java Mass Loader. I have created a collection which co
ntains (very simple) object instances like

Some text

When I insert this xml-dokument


with the Java Mass Loader

inojload.sh -u “http://localhost/tamino/jesper/test” -f /tmp/test.xml

I only get the following error message:

API Version = 1.1
Tamino Java Loader has started.

Load Error INOXPE8702: Invalid document prolog
0 elements uploaded from
XML volume = 88 bytes
Upload escaped volume 142 bytes
1 blocks

Have you tried adding a prolog to your input data?


<?xml version="1.0"?>


That does not work, too. Same error message. I even tried different character encoding (the
documentation says there might be problems when using the wrong one) but
character sets should be no problem in this simple example…

Please post the file to this forum - exactly as is

Here is the schema definition and the xml-document.

and the xml-document…
test.xml (118 Bytes)

Please post also the schema definition (file) to the forum here.

Seems that something went wrong attaching the schema-definition
test.xsd (677 Bytes)

It works ok for me with the Perl loader and the Javaloader for Tamino and
on a database.

so the problem must be quite subtle