Java Loader

I am attempting to load a well-formed document and I am getting the following message:

C:\mlg\accounts\Spherion\POC>Rem JavaLoad Start

C:\mlg\accounts\Spherion\POC>java -classpath “c:\Program Files\Software AG\Tamin
o\Tamino\X-Tools\Tamino Load\JavaLoader.jar;c:\Program Files\Software AG
\Tamino\Tamino\X-Tools\Tamino Load\xerces.jar” com.softwareag.tamino.db.
tools.loader.TaminoLoad -f c:\mlg\accounts\Spherion\poc\Liquent\BusinessPlan.xml
-u http://localhost/tamino/SpherionPOC/businessPlan -d
API Version = 1.2
TaminoLoad is started.
1 elements uploaded from
XML volume = 194574 bytes
Upload escaped volume 281052 bytes
1 blocks

Nothing is loaded into Tamino. Am I missing something? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Attached is the Javaload command that I am using as well as the XML document.

Mandie (117 KB)


when you say wellformed, do you mean that there is no Tamino Schema defined for the doctype of your document?

If this is the case, Tamino will stuff your document in the special collection ino:etc, so try looking there…

Just guessing,