How to trace the error in loading XML file into Tamino datab

Dear all,

I tried to load a big XML file into Tamino using prompt command. There was an error (invalid sequence) as below.
Could you tell me what the problem is? Can I have any tool to trace where the problem is in my big XML file?

(If I loaded a small part of the XML, it is OK. Besides, the big XML is valid and accepted by Internet Explorer.)

The error report
API Version = 1.1
Tamino Java Loader has started.

Load Error INOXDE7731: (cvc-model-group.1):invalid sequence
0 elements uploaded from
XML volume = 2130949 bytes
Upload escaped volume 4282684 bytes
1 blocks



The java loader has an -l flag for logging which may help. The problem in the XML which is causing the INOXDE7731 is that it does not conform to the schema. Of course Internet Explorer does not validate againest a W3C schema.


However, the ā€œ-lā€ only run to display the whole xml file on the screen. It does not tell me where (which line)the error is.