Issue with pub.client.http

Hi All,

In IS 9.5.1 environment, i am getting an error while calling http client using pub.client.http. Below is the error message. Ideally call should take around 100m -500m sec. But, with this error i see call made in 0.020msec. what could went wrong / causing issue ?


Can you attach the error log or dump to assist you further.


Unfortunately, I don’t have much on error logs on this issue.

When ever call made by pub.client.http with JSON string as a input doc, we are getting above error. This is the case with only one of our servers. Same service with same inputs working fine in others. Further to add there is no cert as such in-between wM and client.


Shaift, with the given details its difficult to comment. Plz check your logs once again or check with server team to know the facts.


Here is the error dump:


This is the response part

If you feel the problem with one IS, can you compare the fix levels and extended settings on both IS.

You log details does not provide any specific errors to troubleshoot the issue :frowning:


This issue got resolved, i reinstalled the IS core fix 5. This helped :slight_smile:


Glad to hear, thanks for updating :smiley:

I hope my comments helped you to figure out the issue. :slight_smile:

Happy Ramadan 2015 :slight_smile: and enjoy your holidays.