Webmethods : [ISS.0085.9281] Http Error: 500 - Timeout

We have a problem with our webMethods platform, in fact, we have errors:
Http Error Timeout , And this on several streams.
We are working on webMethods 9.6, and we call a backend that uses SAP.

Hi Lalita,

are there any firewalls involved?

Might be a network issue.

Can you check this?


Hi Holger von Thomsen,

Thank you for the answer.
But we do not have a firewall problem or a network problem.
We did tests by calling the bakend directly and we did not get any error. Knowing also that there are queries that pass and that are ok.
And the trick is that we have this same error by calling several backend.
I am wondering if it is not a parameter on the IS that is misconfigured

Error: 500 - Timeout

Sorry,breitbart I have no idea of it

For testing purpose set the value as -1 and check if the error is persisting?

Syed Faraz Ahmed