Issue with Apache Kafka consumer

We have installed the Kafka Apache adapters newly in our environment. We have created the connectors for producer and consumers. Connections got enabled successfully. Producer is working as expected. But we are getting errors while using the consumer. Below are the details:

For consumer, while trying to consume the messages from Kafka Topic, The thread is running for a infinite time and not giving any output. In server logs, we can see below entries. Can any one help with any inputs?

[6311]2019-03-26 14:50:57 SGT [ADA.0507.2222I] Sync Commit failed, due to com.wm.adapter.wmkafka.pubsub.KafkaReceiver.WmKafkaConsumerRebalanceListener.onPartitionsAssigned invoked
[6310]2019-03-26 14:50:54 SGT [ADA.0507.2222I] Sync Commit failed, due to com.wm.adapter.wmkafka.pubsub.KafkaReceiver.WmKafkaConsumerRebalanceListener.onPartitionsRevoked invoked


Set the logging level to TRACE and capture more details as the mentioned logs are INFO only.

do you have any update on this? I am getting same error. How do you resolve it?

Hi SE,

May I know what fix level for Kafka Adapter you’re currently on? Have you tried to apply KAF_9.6_Fix3 or higher level fix?

Thanks Mike. After applying KAF_9.6_Fix3 I don’t see this error.

Hi S E and Prasad,

Please vote step 4 as the resolution, and then close this thread as resolved.