Apache Kafka Error

Hello Team,

I have installed Apache kafka adapter but while I am clicking configure new connection it is failing with below error .

[ART.118.5007] Adapter Runtime (Connection): Unable to get list of connection types for adapter type: com.wm.adapter.wmkafka.KafkaAdapter.

Would you please help me here, Thank you in Advance!!!

Hi Mukesh,

which version of Kafka Adapter are you using?
Are there any Fixes applied to it?

Is there additional information in the logs about the mentioned class? Is it missing, or are there other issues?


Hello Holger,

Thank you for the quick response, after the placing the jars I restarted the server, but not sure why it was throwing the exception. I have resolved this issue by manually reloading the WmKafkaAdapter package, but thanks a lot for your response!!!.

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