In IS console page, not able to view the kafka

Hi Team,

Can someone please assist, In IS console page under solutions → Kafka is not present.
But we have already installed the Kafka, i checked all the things related to kafka like certs, encryption/decryption everything is working fine.

Best Regards
K M, Varun

Hi Varun,

can you check if Kafka is listed under Adapters instead, please?
Afaik Kafka is based on ART and therefore might be listed under Adapters section.
When starting IS from scratch, there should be an entry in the server.log that the Kafka Adapter gets registered to the ART.

Inside the WmART package there are services to retrieve a list of all registered AdapterTypes to the IS.


Hi @Holger_von_Thomsen,

Thanks for the response. I already checked under the adapters, but its not present there.

Best Regards
K M,Varun

We are using the Apache Kafka

Kafka start up services are missing. Deployed that services and now we are able see the kafka in UI page.

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