Issue with Apache Kafka Adapters

We have installed the Kafka Apache adapters newly in our environment. We have created the connectors for producer and consumers. Connections got enabled successfully. But we are getting errors while using them. Below are the details:

Some times we are able to send the messages to Kafka successfully, but most of the times we are getting timeout errors. Can any one help with any inputs?

For consumer, while trying to consume the messages from Kafka Topic, The thread is running for a infinite time and not giving any output. Can any one help with any inputs?

Check and confirm the below points

1> Install the latest fixes available on empower for the Kafka Adapter
2> Make sure that there is no network issue between the IS and Kafka server, involve network team

Share the errors logs with IS details.

I have setup Kafka adapter and have not faced any issues as explained in #1/2.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hi Mahesh,
Thanks for your inputs. We have already installed the latest kafka adapter fix in our environment.
Actual Issue is at kafka side. Actually the kafka server that we are connecting is in cloud. Hence creating some connectivity issues.
Now some configuration changed at kafka server side to send the response out side the cloud, which resolved the issue.

HI Prasad,

I got requirement to post data to Kafka adapter. I am doing it first time.
Kindly share me how to create connection and error handling method for Kafka adapter.

I need to post JSON string to Kafka adapter.