[ISC.0064.9013] -- ftp server: com.wm.net.ftpCException

We have an project, need heavily FTP connections and we get “421 There are too many connections from your internet address” very often; The Unix/ftp admin of the FTP server said it’s configured as unlimited connection to their server. It seems Webmethods IS server may have some configuration blocked ftp session.

Much appreciated if you have any info to share.

421 is generated by FTP server. you still need to check with your server’s admin there may be other settings that will limit your connection.

Hi Jun,

can you do a "netstat -na|grep " from your IS host to the ftp server?

This will show you the active connections.

Something obvious:
Remember to logout from the FTP server when transfer is finshed to clean the connections.

As number of available ports are limited to ~64.000 you should check if this is exceeded.


Jun – You better involve your Unix Admin to look into this issue. Let us know the latest updates.