Is this C1 OnRamp 3.0 ???


I’m trying to set up a C1 Market Site from the webMethods B2B OnRamp for Commerce One MarketSite Tutorial Version 1.0 (you can find it here : ).

My wondering comes from the differences between the screenshots and my real screens. For instance, when going into “C1 OnRamp…” from IS Console, I get the following menu :
C1 OnRamp
xCBL Validation

when the tutorial shows :
C1 OnRamp

This also occurs with the “webMethods OnRamp for Commerce One Market Site User’s Guide” (here :

My “About” menu shows :
Product webMethods B2B OnRamp for Commerce One MarketSite
Version 3.0 Release Notes
Build Number 58


  • is there a difference between “B2B OnRamp for Comemrce One” and “C1 OnRamp” ?

  • Why, if both the PDFs and my C1 OnRamp setup are version 3.0, do I have such differences in the content of the menus and pages for C1 OnRamp web-admin pages ?

  • Should I refer to another Tutorial/User’s Guide or should I update the C1 OnRamp adapter ?

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You are using the most recent C1 Onramp (ie. version 3.0, called “webMethods OnRamp for Commerce One MarketSite 3.0”). The tutorial you found was for the previous version of the adapter, which is called “B2B OnRamp for CommerceOne MarketSite 1.0”.

In answer to your questions:

Q1. Yes, there is a difference between the two. See the readme from the version 3.0 adapter for a list of changes (look under the “Bookshelf” on Advantage, and then check “Adapters”).

Q2. Both PDFs aren’t version 3.0. The tutorial PDF is from the version 1.0 adapter. You should only use the documentation for the version 3.0 adapter.

Q3. You have installed the right code, just stick with version 3.0 of the docs.


Hello James,

Thanks a lot for your helpfull answer ! :slight_smile:

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