Is there any working with xml pdf for 46

I could find working with xml pdfs for versions above webMethods 4.6 .
Is there any xml related pdf for version 4.6?


We are not sure what you are looking for?Can you elaborate more on your question.
xml related PDF?you mean to handle processing of pdf files in webMethods?

RMG, I think Santosh is looking for documentation (.pdf files :slight_smile: on handling XML in IS 4.6. Santosh, It’s been a while since I’ve worked with 4.6 so I’d have to dig around a bit to find you an answer, but if you have specific questions I’m sure lots of folks here could help.

MY 2 new pennies, check out the bookshell at, also u could elaborate on what issue[s] u may be having and i’m sure we shall assist


If that is the case look in the and search in the bookshelf.And if you have specific questions elaborate it clearly.
Also use the Search functionality provided in this site before you post any queries since you can see lot of threads and your same problem might have covered before.


Hi All,
Thanks for your swift replies and eagerness to help.
We have “Working with xml document” pdf for 6.0 and 6.1.
But,i can’t find similar pdf for 4.6.
The reason is version 4.6 pdfs help the user to build the examples step by step.But,the case is not same with 6.0 and 6.1.
I did search and the forum.I couldn’t find any.
If there is no similar pdf for 4.6,can anyone direct me to a nice whitepaper/pdf/article on “Working with xml”.
Actually, i am looking for samples/examples regarding sending/getting xml stuff.
Expecting your reply in this regard.
Thanks once again.


For samples/examples look into the WmSamples package this comes along with standard IS4.6 installation.

If you face any technical problems while processing of sending/receiving XML’s to webMethods IS,let us know or search the forum,definetely it will help.