Can anyone explain how to proces this data format


if it is an XML,then you can convert the xml to node using xmlStringToXMLNode and use queryXMLNode to extract the required variables from the XML.
hope this helps.



If you made the ISdocumentType for the incoming document and know the structure details from the source system that what are the <data> contents about then only you can parse the data.if not try with queryXMLNode for the fields you want.


Hi Ramesh/RMG,

I am using webMethods v4.6. There is no such xmlStringToXMLNode, queryXMLNode flow service in this version of webMethods. It is only available in webMethods v6.x.
And to this, i don’t know in which format the client is sending data.
Because in the format tag, it is written UNKNOWN.


I tried for decode64String service to decode the data, but the output is again in base 64 format. like

Actually, the client is sending DELFOR data in this xml file. And i have to generate the purchase order from this file after processing the encoded data.
Can you explain how to proceed with this data?


Have you asked the client for clarification about what the contents of <data> are and how to decode it?

xmlStringToXMLNode is the 6.x name for stringToDocument
queryXMLNOde is the 6.x name for queryDocument


In IS4.6 it is stringToDocument,queryDocument services you will find these in WmPublic web folder.

Also find out with the source side folks what are the contents of <data> and decode format to.