Is Predict Used on my system


What is the easiest way to determine how and if Predict is used in an environment.

I have a customer who says that he uses predict in the production environment.

  1. I have read the manual and seen that if you logon to Natural Security and then goto Administration Services, then Definition of System Libraries this will show whether the libraries are defined. — does this work for both Batch and On-line

  2. How do i determine if the SYSDIC33 is defined.

This is for an OLD OpenVMS system.


  1. Yes, you can run Natural Security reports in batch and online. A library that is defined in Natural Security can be accessed from both batch and online unless the security option is chosen to limit that access.
  2. I’m not sure what “SYSDIC33” means. However, you try the SYSPROD command (from the Command line or NEXT prompt). It will report on all products installed in that environment and their version levels.

To verify that a library is defined to Natural Security, use the Natural Security menus to Retrieve Libraries.