Predict in Natural One

Predict in Natural One.

We work with a Z/OS Mainframe where Adabas and Natural are installed, and we also have Natural One clients installed. My question is, can Predict be installed so that it works on Natural One?


There is an existing Predict feature installed with NaturalONE. In addition, you can run SYSDIC through the NatWeb I/O terminal emulation - just execute MENU from SYSDIC library in the Server View.

  1. PREDICT Metadata is stored in ADABAS so you would have to have ADABAS Windows and Install PREDICT under NATURAL.
  2. There is a PREDICT plugin so that you can access and update some PREDICT data from NATONE.

Hello Douglas, thanks for the information, I am already applying the PREDICT option in NATURAL ONE.

Hello Eugene. Do you know which plugin you mean for Natural One?

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