IS clustering without Terracotta grid license

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I am trying to implement IS clustering on 9.9 version. Is it possible to implement IS clustering without Terracotta license.


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please check the IS Clustering Guide for further information.

It should point out which mode of Terracotta is needed and if a license will be needed for that.


You need a enterprise terracotta license for setting up cluster. But you can still leverage the trial version for evaluation purpose.

Any update on this thread…

Hi All,

I am still clueless on IS clustering without Terracotta license.

I went through the documentation but I could not find much information regarding this.

Is there any provision from SAG that we can configure Terracotta ( only for configuring IS clustering) without any license apart from the trail version.


I think without Terracotta license you cannot do IS clustering.

Please contact Software AG to get license file. I think there is no additional cost for terracotta license if you only use it for IS clustering.

Just to clarify: you absolutely CAN implement IS clustering without purchasing a Terracotta license. You will still need a license file, however, which you can request for free from your account team or via Empower.

Now, another thing to consider is whether you need Terracotta for the type of clustering you’re aiming for. There are basically two types of cluster: stateless and stateful. In a stateless cluster, Terracotta isn’t needed.


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