Terracotta Cluster Setup


I want to install a Terracotta Server but I don’t really see it as an option on my wM8.2SP2 installer.

On the manual on the step 1 it says:

So where am I suposed to get the server should I download it or have to ask SAG for licencing?

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Ok got my answer from SAG…

YES…can you please share updating this thread reply from SAG?

It should help forum:


Hi RMG updated on the previous post it appears it will only be available in the next realease!


Thanks for the info, Luis:

Terracotta is seperate run time and will require seperate license as well. in 8.2.2 when doing clustering, its gives two options in the drop down. To use Oracle Coherence or Terracotta. If you select Oracle Coherance then all setting are similar to previous versions. If you selecct Terrocotta it would ask you the input for terrracottra instance IP address, port and other details.

Terracotta server array has to installed seperately and currenlty does not come with webmethods installer.


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Well we would surelly prefer to have Terracotta as its going to be the standard clustering besides we run the IS in virtual machines, which is not supported by coherence…

Do you know if the license in the 8.2.2 covers Terracotta or do you have to buy it?


Do you know if the license in the 8.2.2 covers Terracotta or do you have to buy it?
→ I believe it needs a separate license

Yes, it needs a separate licensing…


for terracota server array (for clustering) and caching , you need not buy new license. That comes free with 8.2.2.

and u can download it from SAG empower site

Already did it tks Tryed to use the one provided with the TC site but it was an open source edition and it doesn’t make the job with wM.

By the way be aware with the memory needs of TC. Check bellow. Cheers,