Tamino configuration in Windows 2000 Cluster Service

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I just need doc’s about installing Tamino in Windows 2000 Cluster Service with HA


Hello Antony,

We would like to infom you, that Tamino is not supporting the Windows 2000 Cluster Service.
Therefore generally no official configuration description is provided from Software AG.
We are supporting Veritas Cluster server for Windows only.
If you are interested in getting more information about Tamino in a cluster environment, please contact your local Software AG Account Manager or Sales Representative.
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Thanks Scholz

This is a surprise for me because in a Tamino XML Server doc “Core Architecture and Services” it says CLUSTERING SERVICE: Supports MS Cluster Service on Windows 2000 and Veritas Cluster for Solaris 8 (64 bits). :-0

Also a SoftwareAG guy says on this topic that it works: Forum Topic

Can it be something like … we install a Tamino Server on each of the cluster nodes and the database file system on the shared resource.
And then we activate each Tamino Server node deponding on which node is active or can the 2 Tamino Server see online the database file system?

Its not 100% HA but it could be a partial solution …

What do you think about this? Do you have any reference of a company with this solution?


There is no longer any support for Microsoft Cluster Services so the statement that Eric has provided is correct.

In my reply (the forum topic you referred to) I mentioned that there is no inbuilt support for any clustering solution (i.e. Tamino does not make of use of any clustering solution specific API’s).

In answer to your question(s):

The scenario is usually that you have two nodes with a shared disk that contains the Tamino database container files. Only ONE machine contains a running Tamino instance. It is not possible to have two machines running an instance of Tamino each againest the same physical database container files. Each instance would not know about each other which would certainly lead to corruption of the database.

The usual mechanism is that when a node fails, the failover machine will start its known ‘services’. Tamino could be started as part of this process and this would be able to start the database and rollback any uncommitted transactions that were open when the failure occurred.

Of course you are free to configure and script this yourself, and IMO it should work if properly done. However for your chosen cluster software this is something that Software AG cannot support. Your local Software AG may be able to offer some consultancy to help with the configuration and scripting.

Hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.


I’m also directly concerned with the problem of FA with Tamino. In this case, it concerns Windows 2003.

Stuart, can you confirm that your answer is relative to Tamino without use of Replication database.

Can you adjust your explanation for that case,
It means how can we implement Replication database with cluster Windows?
Or is the Replication database of Tamino an alternative to the clustering of the OS?

Thank you for your help,

JP Daisomont

Hello JP,

I believe for Windows 2003, you should use Veritas for the provision of HA as this is something that Software AG can support. This [obviously] requires that you have shared disks containing the database container files. This means as well that you don’t need to use replication. The best course of action for you is to contact your local Software AG customer support and speak to them about your specific requirements. Hope this helps.

Best regards,

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.