Tamino 4.x and Windows 2000 Advanced Server Cluster support

Can Tamino 4.x be used in a Windows 2000 Advanced Server Cluster environment? If so, how do I configure Tamino to utilize Windows 2000 Cluster support?




Brian Garner
Advisory Systems Engineer, Softtware AG Canada
416.364.1133 x.261 office

Hi Brian,

There is no inbuilt support for Cluster services in Tamino. What is proven to work is that if Tamino is deployed in a clustered HA environment, it is able to correctly recover when a failover occurs, providing that the database files are on shared disks.

To configure this would require some configuration or scripting and knowledge of the clustering software. For example in the UNIX world you could develop shutdown and startup scripts which would be used in failover situations.

Hope this helps.

Stuart Fyffe-Collins
Software AG (UK) Ltd.