help needed

we have the following problems:
1-how to implement “High Availability” using an existing HACMP service?
from the manual:
“Tamino High Availability supports Veritas Cluster Server… Other high availability software (such as H.P. Service Guard or IBM HACMP) might be supported on request and under special conditions.”
Special conditions means additional licences?

2-How to guaratee data ancription and textual retrieving?
We need to encrypt textual data for security reason, but we need to execute text retrival queries on these encripted data.
Any hints?

3-We are going to load giga of data. Are there any limitations on Tamino 4.4.1?

Thanks in advance


Hi Lorenzo,

I’d like to reply to #1:

The only supported solution provided as a product kit is currently Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) 5.0 on Solaris and Windows. That’s the HA solution we recommend.

However based on the scripts for VCS, it is possible to integrate Tamino in other HA environments.

In the HACMP case the VCS perl scripts have to be re-implemented as sh scripts running on HACMP and have to be integrated in the HACMP environment.
This step can be done by the customer himself, if there is enough HA knowledge.
The implementation of the scripts and the integration in an existing HACMP environment can also be done as a Professional Services project. This has been done at a customer’s site and has been an effort of ten working days for two consultants.

From a license point of view for each node Tamino is installed (i.e. each cluster node Tamino potentially runs on) a separate license is required.


Thanks for the reply but i really need an answer to point #2, even something like “no way to do it” will be appreciated.

maybe you could clarify #2. Do you need the data encrypted within the Tamino container files, or are you planning on sending it already encrypted to Tamino, or do you just need it encrypted for transfer between Tamino and its client, or something else? If you need it encrypted within the Tamino container files, I don

Thanks for the answer,
i need to have data encrypted within the Tamino container files so you have already answered to me in the previous post.