IS ClearCase..does it even work?

I’m having a though time figuring out if the integration actaully works. According to the VCS Integration Developers guide, it should. but in my case I’m having problems creating a new package. It refuses to checkin the manifest.v3 file itself!

Could someone please share the settings that has beed done for VCS on the IS itself?

Apprecite your help.

Same problem for me: I am working with IS 6.5 SP2 and I would like to integrate it with ClearCase.

The document "webMethods Version Control System Integration VERSION 6.5, SERVICE PACK 2" mentions ClearCase in the 1st chapter but then it mentions later that only Microsoft Visual Soursafe is supported ("External Version Control System Requirements" p26).
So now I’m confused, Is IS 6.5 working with ClearCase or not? If not, is IS 7.0 or 7.1 doing the job?

I’m on IS 7.1, so i do have the doc for this. But still have not been able to configure it to work as they claim it should!

Has any body had any luck with this. I am also facing the same issue. What was done to resolve this?

Can anyone help what should be the config params in the Advance setting.

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