Clearcase with WM

Im new to source management with clearcase.It will be great if someone could help me out in using clearcase with Wm.I heard that wM is coming up with a package to use Clearcase.Can anyone help me out on this.

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I’ve been hearing about ClearCase support or over a year now. As far as I know, only SourceSafe is supported.

Developer 7.1 has the support for Clearcase

Hi Jonb. Exactly how will wM integrate with Clearcase any ideas?

Your best bet would be to find the “webMethods Version Control System Integration Developer’s Guide Version 7.1” on Advantage. That PDF addresses IS integration with version control systems in general and has a section for configuring Clear Case support.


Mark, thanks for the advice. I’ll read the PDF. I may ask you a follow up in a day or so.
Regards, Gerard

We are trying to implement Clear Case with wM 7.1.2. Here is an issue that we are facing.

While checking in newly created service, Clear Case complains that it cannot find the checked out version of the same service in Clear Case. The way Clear Case works is that before checking in any new objects it requires it to be registered in Clear Case. Clearly, webMethods 7.1.2 does not have that capability.

I am posting this just to checkout if somebody knows any Fix from wM(I have not found) or a way around.

Thanks - Dhiraj.

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