vcs support in webMethods6.5

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Iam looking to integrate clearcase7.0 into webMethods 6.5 (S.P-3). I read the wM6.5 vcs documentation, it was not that clear for clearcase and i tried to configure,and in the IS gui when i click vcs, i see only microsoft vss in the drop down box. Iam not able to get clearcase under it. So, I just want to confirm whether webMethods supports clearcase or not?
please post your valuable suggestions…if any one implemented pls share your pros and cons…

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Please use the search functionality of this forum …keyword “clearcase”, there are some threads on the similar topic possibly it could direct you with some useful info.


Thanks RMG for replying,

I saw all the topics related to clear case in the forums…most of them are related wm 7.1 -clearcase integration…it was not helpful for me.

i saw the weMethods_Version_Control_System_Integration_Developer’s_Guide_6_5_SP2.pdf document, it was not clear whether webMethods supports clearcase or not.

Looking for help, has anyone implemented this before…

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I got one information for you


Support for Clear Case 7.0 has begun only with IS 7.1. It is not available with IS 6.5

Per the Advantage article.


Thanks alot, it was really helpful.

your welcome!