WM VCS with WMClearCase(wM 7.1)


With wM 7.1, we are looking to use WM VCS and IBM ClearCase as a version control system. While configuring IS for clearcase from admin page
(VCS > Configuration) “clearcase” option won’t appear in the drop down.

I would appreciate any help/suggestion or a reference to previous thread in this regard.


You must enable the package or install WmClearCase, it will a option sub element Integration Server during installation.

Thanks !

Warm Regards,
Raju Nitturi

Thanks Raju !
After wMClearCase package installation ‘clearCase’ appears in the drop down.

However , couple of other challanges have cropped up.If you have any info reg them. Though i am referring to the VCS wm PDF , information on these is pretty indirect.