IS Administrator UI items

Soliciting info from the community regarding the changes to the IS Administrator UI, 10.11.

Overall, the look is good. But a couple of items for feedback:

  • The left-side menu is less usable, in my opinion. The children of a menu group have the same color as the overall menu. So when you click on a group, the whole menu shifts a bit and your eyes are not quickly drawn to the newly opened list, as was the case previously when the background of the children was white.
  • The “Service Monitoring” feature and the Dashboard are spiffy. It is marked as a “preview feature that has limited functions” and is on by default. When it is on, there is a directory (monitorRepo) created automatically. The data within grows very quickly. We’ve turned it off – but not before it caused a problem (not in prod, thankfully) with disk space because we were totally unaware of this impact. With it off, the Dashboard, which is the default page, now prominently displays “no data available” and has short-lived pop-ups that indicate errors.
  • Short-lived error pop-ups. API GW does this and is maddening. “Wait, what was that? Darn, don’t know what it said.” Would love for errors to stick to the window instead using the latest en vogue widget for pop ups.

Anyone else with experiences to share? Or info that would correct my perception in the above?

(Another post where the forum is pestering me to mark an answer – for a thing that will never have an answer. :slight_smile: )

Hi Rob
I like the updated UI. Some things could be tweaked for sure but it has some nice improvements over the “classic” UI.
Where did you hear/read that the dashboard and monitoring are preview features? I don’t believe this is true anymore but I’m checking with the R&D team.
Also, there is a new feature request portal that should be used instead of Brainstorm.
You can get more info here: Launch of webMethods Ideas Portal for webMethods Feature Requests - News - Software AG Tech Community & Forums

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Additionally states “Not intended for use in a production environment.”

Got to that page via this support ticket (requires Empower access) where someone also noted the file system space constraint.

Agreed, overall it is a nice look. The reorg’d menu makes better sense. But the individual pages are largely the same as before. Indeed, for items that pop a new window (JDBC Adapter) the UI is unchanged. The biggest change is the menu – which I think is less usable. But as with all things UI, in the eye of the beholder. :slight_smile:

I think the Admin UI will continue to be improved.
Also, I confirmed with R&D and the statement about this being a preview feature is not true anymore. It is a fully supported feature now in 10.11 AND can be used in production if the customer needs service and document monitoring. The SAG documentation team has been notified to fix this.
Finally, I passed along your concerns and comments about monitor repo and having to disable it. Here’s the feedback from R&D:

They can also reduce the amount of data by lowering the ‘retentionDays’ monitor.cnf configuration, less data exists in the repository. As time goes by, the collector will periodically call another Lucene method to compress the index size. This is necessary since we purge the older statistics data based on retention days. Deleting documents removes the document, but it leaves the old allocated files, so this is why a periodic compression is needed. The default is 30 days, they can probably reduce it to 7.
In 10.7, they would have to update the parameter in the file and restart. In 10.11, they can update it via the dashboard UI and no restart is required.

Remember, use that new feature request web site to submit your ideas. It has improved a lot over the old Brainstorm site.


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