New Empower Website, thoughts?

I’m curious to learn what others are thinking about the new Empower Website that has taken the place of the older webMethods Advantage Website. I have personally found it to be less than useful and actually confusing to use. The search features don’t appear to work nearly as well as the old site returning a lot less content in general. The site navigation for me is not intuitive as well. :eek: I not on the site very often but when I am there, I find I spend more time looking for what one would think to be simple stuff.

I’m still trying to get use to it but I’m not overly impressed so far. I will have to say it performs better than the old webMethods Advantage site.:rolleyes:

Any thoughts?

I agree with you completely.

My experience has been similar. Things seem scattered.

The search in the forums defaults to searching all forums, which includes all sorts of stuff. So while your head is thinking about Integration Server or Broker or whatever, the results returns material for Adabas and other products to clutter the view. It might be good if they had preference settings where one could indicate what to present and what to ignore–maybe they do and I haven’t seen it?

I’ve lurked on the forums a bit and it seems that wMUsers is still far more active than SAG forums!

I do like that the samples and other material are now available without logging in.

Even i prefer mostly wMUsers,SAG tech forums (new look) site as always day-day!


I’m sharing your felling and I create couple of SR about empower weaknesses (search engine defects, lack of dependencies when you found a fix, …). The good thing is it seems it’s improving.

And one of my other concerns is “how a company like SAG/wM arguing everywhere they are promoting web standards, modern technologies” can continue to impose usage of the brain damaged M$-IE :mad::mad: It’s the only web site I’m obliged to use this ^$&#^#*#@ (and to switch to windows). It’s a pity for a brand new site :angry:

100% agree. If I understood correctly the problem is due which is used by empower for ticket tracking.

Not fully sure, but comeon!! FireFox support should be a MUST!

( I personally use Ubuntu 9.10 with Chromium, it rocks! )

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