IoT Community Champions Q4 2023!

IoT Community Champions - Q4 2023

2023 just ended. I hope everybody of you enjoyed 2023 here in the community as I did. The IoT community progressed very well mainly because of the one who spent their time helping others, writing insightful articles, contributing great open-source assets or even speaking on events!

Here, each quarter we honor the top the community for their great & continuously contribution!

Let’s find out who made it to the top leaderboard in Q4 2023 and can call himself a true IoT Community Champion!

Top 10 IoT Community Champions of Q4 2023!

Watching You Pedro Pascal GIF by The Academy Awards

Again, a very big CONGRATULATION for your amazing support & contribution to the IoT Community!
It seems @Tristan_Bastian and @Reuben_Miller2 compete in the top 2 while Tristan has definitely a run defending #1 since Q2 2023 :wink:

Both of them are very active here in the community but also contribute a lot of open-source assets like the amazing go-c8y-cli by Reuben or Tristan with the Subtenant Management Tool.

Others are less active here but are very active in the open-source area like @Christof_Strack who contributed to 5+ open-source repos in Q4 2023.

Also, @Nick.Ponomar, @Bhaskar_Reddy_Byreddy and @apes made it to the leader board by speaking on the IoT Developer Event in Q4.

Btw. if you are interested in speaking to a topic, please approach me. It gives you a jump-start to the leader board with +300 points for Q1 2024 :wink:


You’ll be contacted to ask for your shirt sizes, preferences and shipping addresses to get your prizes shipped to you.

Beside that you have been granted the very limited “IoT Community Champion” Badge in the Tech Community!



The same rating criteria from Q3 were applied with no changes:

  • Tech Community points & rating which can be reviewed here: Software AG Tech Community & Forums (Factor 1:1)
  • OS Activity & Contribution which has been monitored around Cumulocity IoT (Factor 1:100 per repository which was created, maintained or contributed to in this period).
  • IoT Developer Event Speaker (Factor 1:300)
  • IoT Knowledge Base Article published in the Tech Community (Factor 1:100)
  • IoT Tech Videos published at YouTube or Tech Community (Factor 1:100)
  • Rising Star - users who haven’t been awarded IoT Community Champion in the past got additional 200 points.

Will you be the IoT Community Champion of Q1 2024?

2024 comes with a lot of change! For 2024 we also might change the prizes to new ones… be prepared to grab the “new stuff” by work yourself to the top 10 leader board!

If you want to highlight your contribution, use the comments of this article to mention them.


Hi Stefan,

Please put me down for a speaker session sometime this year. My topic will be adaptive ML of IoT for production efficiency.