The IoT Community Champions Q1 2023!

IoT Community Champions - Q1 2023

Here they are the first 10 IoT Community Champions of Q1 in 2023:

Position Name Points
1 @Harald_Meyer 1060
2 @Reuben_Miller2 1016
3 @Tristan_Bastian 975
4 @Christian_Guether1 911
5 @apes 780
6 @Hendrik_Naether1 648
7 @Christof_Strack 642
8 @Murat_Bayram 590
9 @Felix.Schaede 515
10 @Robert_Neale 489

All new IoT Community Champions a big CONGRATULATION for your amazing support & contribution to the IoT Community!
You’ll be contacted to ask for your shirt sizes, preferences and shipping addresses to get your prizes shipped to you.
Beside that you have been granted the very limited “IoT Community Champion” Badge in the Tech Community!



The rating has been done on multiple criteria:

  • Tech Community points & rating which can be reviewed here: Software AG Tech Community & Forums (Factor 1:1)
  • OS Activity & Contribution which has been monitored around Cumulocity IoT (Factor 1:100 per repository which was created or maintained in this period)
  • IoT Developer Event Speaker (Factor 1:500)
  • IoT Knowledge Base Article published (Factor 1:100)

What’s next?

In the second quarter of the IoT Community Awards we will also add special points for rising stars which haven’t been active in Q1 much but started to contribute a lot in Q2.


The IoT Community champions of Q1 just received their goodie package!

If you want one too, get active! Q2 is ending soon :wink: