Invoking RFC from IS server


I need help on how to invoke RFC that has importing parameter. What are the steps to pass value to RFC?



Are you referring with respect to SAP RFCs or any general remote calls. If it is SAP, then it is pretty straight forward using SAP adapters.


We are working on WebMethods 6.0. We are using SAP adapter to call SAP RFCs. There is a built in service provided by WebMethod to invoke RFC/BAPI. We have used “” service to invoke SAP RFC. This service take input as ServerName, RFCName, client, user, password and language.

How do is send input parameter to RFC and use return values of SAP RFC in webMethods.



You need to do the following,

  1. Select SAP from the IS Administrator screen.
  2. Select Lookup and then the appropriate SAP system defined in the IS.
  3. Now using the Function Search feature, you can enter any RFC name that is available in SAP. The IS will connect to SAP and obtain all the defined parameters like Inputs, Outputs, etc.
  4. Once it has pulled the info, you can create an Outbound map which actually creates an IS service for you in any specified package/folder.
  5. After this, you are all set to use the RFC from IS.

For more info, please look into SAP Adapters users guide.