SAP RFC Problem

Hi all,

I am new member in this forum and new to webMethods. I have an issue with SAP RFC call to webMethods. To explain in detail, I have an SAP System which will invoke a RFC call in webMethods. Can anyone pls give me suggestion.


Are you using SAPAdapter for communicating to your SAP system?? Pls let us know on more about ur IS to SAP Adapter setup/configuration,process flow etc…I believe you are using ALE IDOC via RFC call??

Also review the SAPAdapterUserguide pdf document for more info on IS-SAP Adapter connection via RFC call…


To add to what RMG has mentioned.

SAP Functions call invoke webMethods flow services using RFC options. (This is more of a synchronous mode of integration). Even this is explained in the same doc.

Let us know more about your problem for us to help you better

Bhavani Shankar