Invoke SAP RFC as a backgroud session

Does anyone know if there is a way to call a SAP RFC from SAP BC that create a backgroup process in SAP?

We use OutboundRFC to call SAP RFC, but it invokes a forground session which easily time out. So is there way to invoke a RFC as a backgroud session in SAP

Thanks for your help!

I believe you can do a tRFC call which is async process.

Mike, thanks for your response, could you please elaborate a little bit more how to do a tRFC call from SAP BC?

There are three ways of calling the BAPI, which can be selected through the dropdown list:
• Synchronously calling the BAPI in an SAP System.
• Asynchronously calling the BAPI in an SAP System. This only works for BAPIs that are mapped to an ALE interface. To see whether the BAPI is mapped to an ALE interface, check the BAPI detail page. If an ALE message type is specified, the BAPI is asynchronously callable ( please also consider the installation prerequisites in chapter 3).
• Applying routing rules: The call will be sent to the BAPI inbound process of the Partner Manager that will check if a routing rule for this BAPI call exists and will forward the call to the specified service. This will only work, if a correct routing rule has been setup, otherwise you will receive an XML error-message.