Using SAP Adapter RFC

Dear All,

I am trying to send some EDI documents to SAP through the OutboundProcess service of RFC package in SAP Adapter( webM). The RFC Outbound Process mainly expects TransportParams>Server , rfcname, action, tid. Right now the status document that I have to send from webM IS to SAP has following parameters - Client Number, docnum, logdat, logtim, username and no of R/3 EDI Segment. Right now I don’t any idea how to send this document to SAP through RFC. What will be the values rfcname, action and tid. Only thing I know is the servername. Any idea how I can map those parameters in the status message and also the rfcname, action and tid. I think I am asking pretty basic questions. Since I am working on this for the first time, I have no idea about this RFC service. Any help on this will be highly apprecited.

Kishen Das

Use the lookup function in the SAP Adepter Administrator, and create a outbound map. For details see, the SAP Adapter guide.