EDI 940 Mapping Document


I need to create an Outbound delivery in SAP(VL01n) using an EDI 940 document. I am using webMethods Business Connector 4.7 as integrator to migrate EDI 940 to IDOC(DELVRY03) and will be posted to SAP system. In SAP system an Inbound (Z…) function module will be triggered and an Outbound delivery will be created. Can any body provide the, EDI 940 Mapping document to IDOC (DELVRY03) segments.

Thanks in Advance.

Just for information, the Business Connector is a (now discontinued) product provided by SAP. It is a repackaged webMethods Integration Server, but is not supported by webMethods.

Mapping IDoc to EDI is normally client specific. And it often varies slightly depending upon your trading partners. Your best bet is to have someone that understands the data elements do a mapping specification that you can implement.


Basically you have to first define EDI 940 to IDOC DELVRY functional mapping spec based on your 940 trading partner guideline document(if possible get few samples from TP) and IDOC schema/field definitions(you can take help from your SAP team) and create a mapping spreadsheet etc…Once you done this task in webMethods Integration Server/Developer create EDI document types(based on EDI version 4010 templates) and use IDOC schemas (ifr.sap.com site) to create IDOC doc types.Finally start your source EDI 940 to target IDOC mapping and invoke SAP routing rules to send IDOC into SAP system via OutboundProcess.

Please look in the WmEDISamples,WmSAP package and corresponding webMethods EDI,SAP codeuserguides for more information on developing flows,routing IDOC’s.