Invoking mapping service.

I am spliting the edi data over interchange. the data can contain different edi transactions (eg. 214 & 852). i want to call put214 service for the edi with 214 type transaction and put 852 service for 852 data in the edi string.i have created 2 processing rules. but it only invokes the 1st service. how to resolve this. i cannot split edidata over transaction level due to some business requirement.

You’ll have to create a service that splits the transactions out by type, then invokes the two services, passing in the appropriate data.

We do something similar, but we don’t group the transactions together (ie, there is one service for all incoming EDI, but it invokes a service directly per transaction rather than bundling them up first)

Do you use EDI Grouping (ie UNG segment in UNEDIFACT) ?. If so then you set the Split Level to Group where each GROUP has a particular type of transaction. This will avoid writing your own service.

Create a TN rule for the EDI Group say “X12 Group” and on the extended criteria select “EDI Group Type” and select the transaction, This way the rule is applied at the EDI Group level for a particular Group type , in your case it wil be 214 / 852)