Invoking flow service dynamically

Hi Friends,
I am facing a strange issue while developing a flow service. I am developing a general flow service which accepts three parameters namely size, Alternative_1_Service and Alternative_2_Service plus bizdoc. I will simply branch on size parameter and choose one of the alternative service to be invoked. I will be providing values to these parameters in my specific flow service while invoking this general flow service. I have tried to put %Alternative_1_Service% in Service property of invoke. But It is giving error that such service has either been renamed, deleted or moved. Kindly help me on this.

Is this possible that I can provide values for these three attributes while creating processing rule in trading Networks? I feel it suits best to me.

Try using wm.b2b.edi.util:invoke under the EDI package.

Hi Shubhro,
Thank you. I will surely try that. I just want to know whether I can supply values of size, Alternative_1_Service and Alternative_2_Service while creating processing rule in TN itself.