We are getting following error message when EDI document is posted by user using http post.


If anyone has any idea on this please let me know.


This error is exactly as it sounds: the IS runs out of memory when processing your document.

IS isn’t the most efficient user of memory, plus it is limited by the JVM as to how much it can allocate for itself. If you look in server.bat/, you should see lines near the top that look something like this:


As expected, these lines limit the amount of memory available to IS. If you increase JAVA_MAX_MEM to some larger number, you shouldn’t see that error again. However, it may take some experimentation to find the correct number. Larger EDI files will take larger amounts of memory to process.

As an aside, keep in mind that the amount of memory used by the java process as reported at a system level does not reflect what the IS is using. That value also includes JVM overhead that can’t be used by IS. See the IS web admin page for info on its memory usage.

Hope this helps,