Invocation of service from TN with missing parameters

Am facing a problem with the invocation of a service from the TN.
An EDI data comes from the partner and the document is recognised in TN and the correct processing rule is fired.
When the processing rule invokes the service in the developer, the service gets the bizDoc as the input with other parameters such as sender, receiver, editxn and other such inputs too (as documents)

But if these parameters are not coming from the TN while the invocation of service, could anybody tell me the probable causes for it.
Am getting the bizDoc alone. I need the rest of the parameters too in the pipeline.

Thanks in advance!

Are you facing the missing parameters, whenever you reprocess the TN doc and restore pipeline on IS service?

Hi Ravindar,
That is not the case.
When the partner sends the data for the first time directly too, it happens.
For the past 3 weeks am testing this and am facing this scenario for the first time.