Introducing MFT Agents: Now Available with webMethods 10.2

ActiveTransfer now provides File bots, or agents. Agents are lightweight applications that allow administrators to remotely exchange automated file transfers between centralized servers or desktops and any number of remote locations.

What’s new about this is that agents will automatically (and very productively) work around-the-clock to deliver file transfers on-demand, or scheduled as batch jobs. Additionally, the central MFT server can configure event-driven triggers, sending files both individually and by groups, as defined by similar characteristics.

For retail, this could mean synchronistically disseminating pricing and promotional information across store locations. For a major bank and its individual branches, agents will automatically send end-of-day reconciliation reports; or distributors can use agents to synchronize file transfers to share product catalog changes across any number of warehouses.

ActiveTransfer Agents are MFT add-ons, requiring only ActiveTransfer Server as a communication prerequisite