Internal Error

Hi All,
In B2B Server 4.6 we have 3 types of errors, Internal Error, Service Error and Transaction Error.
My requirement is, i want to execute one service when any Internal Error is logged by server.
Pls let me know if anyone has any idea on how it can be achived.


I am not sure what you classify as an internal error vs. a service error.

With that said, you can do a few different things to handle different types of errors.

Check within the flow - Check for specific values in the pipeline to verify something executed successfully. Usually this is done via a success/fail flag

Check catch block - When something fails, its kicked out to the catch block. Running getLastError will provide the error message.

I guess that is a start…provide some more detail and I am sure someone will answer your question more clearly

Service Error are the errors that occur in flow services, e.g null parameter to recordtodocument,etc. and
Internal Error are the errors that are internal to B2B server, like mail server not responding, TxManager down,etc.

And i want to know let it be any Internal Error, thrown by B2B Server, for whatever reason, i want to invoke my service, when ever error occurs.
I don’t want to capture the error message from my service but want to invoke my service when error is generated by any other process/service.

Pls advice how this can be done.