Integration server goes down in webmethods

Hello Evreyone,

Our production IS is clustered and one of the flow which is scheduled attimes work successfully. But attimes it throws the error as “Java Heap Space” after its execution. But attimes the transaction is not completed and it is not throwing any error and the same day one of the server is going down.

I suspect this flow is creating an issue but apart from that will there be any issue in server level. Any thing need to be checked from server level?

Hi SriLakshmi,

Please check the data processed by the service. Is it a large file? Is it executing/forking any java process? / is it executing any OS command? / Is it executing any custom developed code?

The error reflects that the service is consuming all the heap space available with IS JVM.



If this happens frequently, take a thread dump when it happen again, using which you can find the root cause of this problem.