IS terminating unexpectedly

My IS is terminating unexpectedly with the following WIndows Event Error:

The webMethods Integration Server 6.1 service terminated with service-specific error 80 (0x50).

This has happened 5 times in the past week. ANd according to the WIndows Event logs, has been occuring occasionally for several months. The IS logs do not indicate anything. I’ve turned up the logging level to 6 to hopefully see something the next time it crashes.


I’m also facing the same problem. The IS is going down unexpectedly these days. The IS logs are not indicating anything. I’m unable to trace out the root cause of this issue. Any information on this issue will be really helpfull.

Thanks for your time,

I am currently having this same issue. Has anyone fixed this or have any ideas? I am running Integration Server 6.5 on windows box

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